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Direct Action

These vases were designed by Mexican artist Pedro Reyes. They were assembled by RFK Charter welding students under the tutelage of local artist Jeremy Thomas.  The dismantled guns come from our Guns to Gardens buyback program which was inspired by the work of Pedro Reyes and Rawtools. The proceeds from the sale of the vases will go to our 2023 Guns to Gardens buybacks in New Mexico. To date, we have dismantled over 1700 firearms. Close to 40% were semiautomatics and assault weapons. The purchase of a $1,000 vase will remove 4 assault weapons out of circulation.


Short vase: $500 (#25)
Vases with three silver bolt actions: $800.00 (#3,7,14,16,21,19 )
All other vases $1,000.00